Graphic Design + Illustration


At ProSol, I’ve been responsible for maintaining the company’s visual branding and overseeing the creation of all print and web collateral. I also collaborate with the business development team to develop infographics that concisely illustrate various project solutions, as well as coordinating print material. I jointly manage ProSol’s social media, and have increased viewership of ProSol’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages by 400% in the past year.

I’ve also provided assistance to ProSol’s charity organization, PS Charities, on a number of projects and events, including introducing recap videos for social media, developing brand new post-event sponsorship fulfillment reports, and expanding photographic support.

Marine Corps Marathon

The United States' 4th largest marathon doesn't stop in October. At the MCM, I was responsible for designing branding, marketing collateral, merchandise, and more for a number of year-round running events. I aided in the production of race bibs, medals, t-shirts, banners, e-mail forms and newsletters, web and print advertisements, infographics, and more. On race days, I took photographs and video of happy runners and pitched in with customer service support (and even got a chance to assist and hang out with two of our race starters, Sean Astin and Rob Riggle).

The MCM Kids Run was one of my favorite events to work on. I was responsible for conceptualizing and creating the overall design scheme in 2012 and 2013, providing nearly 8,000 participants with super cool running duds that they all loved. I also designed the logo for the MCM Event Series Turkey Trot event (and designed the first Turkey Trot sublimated shirt), as well as several other logos for events and services at the Marine Corps Marathon and the Historic Half.

...and more!

Logos for charities and non-profit organizations. E-mail marketing campaigns for boutiques. Children’s book illustrations for interactive storybook apps. I've done all of these! I'm always up for a graphical challenge and love to come up with creative solutions for all kinds of applications.

Voice Acting

Click here to view a playlist of the commercial, narrative, and animated projects I've been involved in.